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Almond Poori Recipe

Almond poori or badam poori is one the delicious a healthy Indian breakfast dish.This poori made from almond flour.

Ingredients of Almond poori

2 cups Almonds fine flour

½ spoon salt

Curd to mix – 1 cup

Coconut oil to deep fry

Let us bring it up all together:

Knead the dough with curd and form small balls out it. Use a butter paper to sandwich the balls and rolling pin to roll out into thin poori sheets. Cut it in a round shape using a small bowl/cutter or steel glass.
Remove from the baking sheets paper and fry the poori in moderate hot oil.
You can also use the Keto Atta available in Amazon or such for making similar poori.

Wheat Dosa(gothambu dosa) Kerala style -recipe.


Wheat dosa is one of the healthiest dosa. Wheat dosa is one of the low calories dosa comparing with rice dosa. The diabetic patients are allowed to eat wheat dosa and that one is one of the wheat dosa benefits. Whole wheat flour used to make wheat dosa and it is very nutritious.

Wheat flour is full of fiber and calorie count is less. People with heart disease and high cholesterol and other lifestyle diseases wheat flour dosa will be a good choice. Wheat dosa is also known as atta dosa. Atta or wheat dosa is one of the easiest dosa recipe to make.


Egg wheat dosa is one of the best varieties of wheat dosa. Egg wheat dosa also called as egg wheat pancakes. In this recipe the wheat flour is combined with eggs.Egg wheat flour dosa recipe  is one of the wheat dosa recipe famous among people who are undergoing diet.Wheat flour is having somany benefits and eggs benefits are ton so if we combine two of the nutritious products then the benefits will be very high.

1.Wheat -2 Table spoon
2.Egg-1 No
3.Onion(Chopped)-1 No
6.Coconut oil-1 teaspoon

How to prepare it
Bring 1-5 ingredients together. Heat a pan and apply Coconut oil.
Cover the pan for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, open the pan and transfer the cake to another bowl.

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