Moringa leaves-20g

Grated Coconut- 1/ 4 cup


Green chilly-1

Cumin seeds- 1/ 4 tea spoon

Red chilly-1

Mustard seeds- 1/ 4 tea spoon

Turmeric powder-

Coconut oil – as required

Salt – to taste

How to make it:

Wash the moringa leaves thoroughly and Remove the leaves from stalks  . Then Take grated coconut and add Shallots, Green chilly, cumin seed, Mustard seeds ,Turmeric and grind it properly ,then keep it aside. Heat the oil in a pan and put the moringa leaves and stir it properly after a while take the grinded coconut and add to the stirred leaves and keep it aside for some time for boiling. After the curry boiled add fried Red chilly and mustard to that curry.