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Kerala traditional desert – Ada pradhaman

Ada pradhaman is a desert prepared from cooked rice flakes and coconut milk extract sweetened with jagerry.


AdaPradaman- malayalamrecipe
AdaPradaman- malayalamrecipe
AdaPradaman- malayalamrecipe

Ada pradhaman is desert also called Kheer in north India

Ingredients of pradhaman

Ready made Ada ( rice flakes are traditionally made using rice batter wrapped in banana leaves and steam cooked) – 250 grams packet

Jaggery – 500 grams

Ghee  –  100 grams

Thick Coconut milk extract- 6 cups

Thin Coconut Milk extract- 8 cups

Grinded Cardamom /Elachi – 1/4 table spoon

Grinded Dry ginger – 1/4 table spoon

Cashew nuts – 1/2 cup

Dry grapes / Kismis – 1/ 2 cup

Sabudana( this is made from cooked tapioca rolled to small seed size )  / Chowari – 2 table spoons ( small packets are available in market)

Coconut milk extraction for pradhaman :

Grate 3 coconuts , mix it in wet blender or mixer with 1 or two cups of water, just enough to let the mixer blend properly. Then filter the contents using a juice mesh filter/strainer or use tidy hands to squeeze out the milk from coconut slurry. Squeeze 6 cups of thick milk into a separate bowl. Now blend the same coconut grated with more water in the mixer or blender. The strain thin milk to a separate bowl to measure at least 8 cups.


Method of preparation of Ada Pradhaman

Cook the ready made ada in 1 litre water (Ada will become transparent when it is cooked). Be careful not to let them stick by occasionally stirring and try not to over cook or the texture will be lost. Drain the water once the ada is done and keep aside for cooling after washing with cold water. Also cook the Sabudana in a similar process and drain and keep separate.

Roast cashew nut in a pan with 2 table spoon of ghee. Keep sautéing till cashew is crispy and brownish. Keep separate, do the same process with dry grapes. Traditionally even small julienne cut similar size coconuts are roasted kept separate.

Boil the jaggery with 2 glass water in a pan which will allow the jaggery to melt keep it in medium heat, till it becomes dark thick semi-transparent liquid and impurities will settle towards the bottom. Drain into a separate bowl slowly, so that the impurities stays at the bottom of the pan and do not transfer to the bowl. Leave away the bottom part with the impurities in the pan. A quick lime juice recipe can be separately made with the leftover jaggery in the pan by adding a glass and water boiling it again, then filter and add lime and let it cool for sometime and serve as jaggery lime juice.

In a thick bottom vessel ( traditionally a brass vessel called uruli is used), medium heat and melt the ghee, add the ada to the melted ghee and sauté, once the ada become red, add the jaggery mix and allow it to boil, keep stirring it all through the process for about 5 minutes. Add the cooked sabudana and 2nd coconut milk into this mixture.  Add the 1st milk and allow it turn the heat to low , but switch off just before it boil, keep stirring all through the process.   Add Elachi, dry ginder to the pradhaman.  Add the roasted cashew, dry grapes and coconut pieces to paysum and stir lightly. The prdhaman is served as desert in traditional wedding feasts and other happy occasions.