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Kerala Steamed Cylinder shape rice cake – Puttu and Payaru

Puttu (steamed rice flour cake) is a traditional Kerala recipe served along with ripe banana or a gram curry.

PuttuPodi - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe
Carrot - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe
CarrotGrated - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe
GratedCoconut - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe
Payaru - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe
PazhumSharkara - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe
PuttumPayarum - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe
PuttuPodi - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe
PuttuPodi - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe
PuttuPodi - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe
PuttuPodi - Puttu Payaru - malayalamrecipe

Roasting rice flour :

Take 2 cups rice flour in heating pan and roast in medium heat. Keep  churning the flour till it becomes dry and roasted but not burnt. Switch the heat as soon as you see a color change and keep churning it evenly till the bottom of the pan cools a bit. Keep aside for about 2 minutes.

Puttu recipe ingredients:

Puttu flour(roasted rice flour ) – 2 cup

Sugar                                          – 1 Spoon

Water – 1 cup

Salt – 1/2 Spoon

Grated coconut – 1/2 cup

Grated Carrot -1 cup

Green gram – cooked -1 cup

Papadum – 4 numbers

Oil – 1/2 cup

Sun dried  curd chilly –  4 numbers (optional)

Mustard – 1/4 table spoon

Dried red chilly – 2 numbers

Curry leaves – 2 leaves

Puttu recipe preparation method:

Julienne cut and fry papadam ( in long pieces)  and keep them separate to be served along with puttu.  Fry the curd chilies, if available too and keep separate in a plate for serving along with puttu.  Heat the oil and mustard seeds till it splutters then add curry leaves and dried chilies. Add the cooked green gram into this.  Keep the curry separate for serving along with puttu.

Mix the Puttu flour with 1 spoon sugar and water. The water should be added in half cup parts and mixed properly till the flour is evenly wet. Remember not to let roasted flour to be runny or lumps. The consistency should be such it crumbles if made to balls. Do not panic if the consistency has increased, just leave the flour in warm corner to allow excess moisture go. Fill 3/4 water of Puttu maker pot and let it steam. Detach the cylinder from it while setting to steam– the puttu maker is a cylindrical shaped steaming device easily available in the stores, use a steam watched vessel for more safety.

Layer 1 table spoon grated coconut to the bottom of the cylinder’s steam inlet mesh of the puttu maker, and then layer with 1 spoon grated carrot, then top it with the wet puttu flavor till half the cylinder. After filling half the cylinder with puttu flour, layer with some grated coconut and grated carrots.  Fill till brim of the cylinder and layer grated coconut and carrots there too before securing the cap of the steam cylinder. Fix the cylinder back on the puttu maker and let it steam for 10  minutes.  Remove the cylinder from the steam after 10 minutes and poke  with a wet knife and check that the flour do not stick to the knife. If it sticks then the puttu  is not done and leave it to steam for another 5 minutes and detach the cylinder. Then use a small tidy stick or rod to squeezed out puttu from the cylindrical, similar to a mold, from the puttu maker. Serve Puttu with green gram curry or any gram based curry. Children will love puttu when served with banana and jaggery mixture( just slice bananas to grated jaggery to form a slurry) or sweet milk. One could also mash banana to puttu and had along with pappadam in a Kerala traditional way.

Recipe submitted by : Radha PS