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Healthy ragi recipe for children

Ragi has high fiber and protein and are considered healthy diet especially for children around south India.


ragi- malaylamrecipe

ragi- malaylamrecipe

Ingredients for  Ragi flour recipe / Ragi Kozhukkatta (recipes for kids)

Ragi/Finger Millete Flour – 250 grams

Cardamom Powder 1/4 teaspoon

Salt – 1/2 teaspoon ( according to the taste)

boiled Water – 2 cup

Ingredients for filling:

Jaggery (crushed/grated)- 50 grams

ground nuts – 50 grams

Ghee – 15 grams


Method  of  preparation of Ragi recipe / Ragi Kozhukkatta


Roast the ragi powder. Add salt and Cardamom to water and boil it. Use the boiled water to knead ragi to dough, similar to bread-dough consistency.   We now need to make the filling when the ragi dough cools down. Fry groundnuts in ghee. Use a dry blender and add crushed/grated jaggery to blend into a fine sticky powder. 

Apply oil in the palm and roll dough to small balls, then flatten them and make a small filling space inside the roll, fill with 1/2 spoon sweet groundnut and enclose the filling. You could also make different shapes and fill it. Make any shapes or just roll in hand to make small egg shapes, flower etc. and steam well for 10 minutes.

Ragi Kozhukkatta is also a traditional Kerala recipe but rice flour are preferred to make balls in the same procedure. Children love different shapes and its taste. One could also use jaggery or chocolate to add flavor when making ragi dough.

Recipe submitted by Santhosh , dedicated to all children.