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Layered wheat chapati

Chapati is a traditional north Indian favorite but are popular throughout Indian states, layered folded chapati is particularly favorite among children because it has tender layers.

Folded Layered chappathi - malayalamrecipe
Folded Layered chappathi - malayalamrecipe
Folded Layered chappathi - malayalamrecipe
Folded Layered chappathi - malayalamrecipe
Folded Layered chappathi - malayalamrecipe

Folded Layered wheat chappathi


Wheat flour – 2 cup

Curd (not Sour) – 1 cup

Soda powder – 1 pinch

Preparation Method:

Knead the wheat flour, curd and baking soda well. Add just enough water (1/2 cup at a time) to adjust the consistency of the dough so that it can be flattened. Leave the dough in a warm place for 2 hours in a bowl covered with clean wet porous cloth.  Apply a bit of oil on the surface of dough to lock its humidity inside. After 2 hours split the dough into equal balls about 2 inches diameter 

Have a chapati roller handy, pick one ball at a time and repeat the process described below for each chapathy. Use the roller to flatten it into a circle shape by dusting the base with some wheat powder, do not bother to flatten it too thin.

Fold the spread circle into half by applying oil on inside surface between the folded layers with an oil brush. Fold them to quarter again by spreading oil in between. Now you will get a triangle shape flat dough. Dust it with wheat powder to avoid sticking to roller .

Flatten the triangle shape dough again to about 5 inches triangle sides, be careful to let the folded layers flatten evenly and the edges are stuck to one another while you flatten. Press with a small fork on the edges to stick any open edges, after you flatten, this will trap the steam inside layers and allow chapathi to puff. Heat a tawa and cook this chapati with 1/4 spoon oil sprinkled around the edges while it cooks. Flip the chapati after a side slightly puffs. Maintain medium flame and do not press the chappathis when it puffing with any utensils, the steam accumulated in between the layers are actually good. Cook the chapathi till golden brown and slight burns appear on it’s surface, serve hot.

Recipe submitted by : Radha PS

Wheat Bhatura Recipe

Wheat bhatura is good for breakfast because the dough ferments over night and is perfect to be fried by morning.



Wheat Flour  – 1 cup

Sugar           – 1 Table spoon

Cooking Soda- 1/4 teaspoon

Salt to taste    – 1/4 teaspoon

Curd (not sour)- 2 spoons

Lukewarm water- just enough to make the dough. 


Cooking Method:

Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl.  Add lukewarm water in stages and need well till the dough is soft and do not stick to your hands.  Needing the dough is the key to good puffed bhaturas.  Cover the dough with a neat wet cloth and let it ferment overnight in container that has double the space of the dough.  

After fermentation the dough will raise almost double the size, roll the dough to small balls, so that it could be flattened for frying ( similar to poori).  Use oil to grease the base and roller, fry in medium hot oil(not smoking hot).  Keep turning the bathura for even  frying till golden brown. Fish the bhaturas to a oil drainer vessel to let the excess oil drain. Serve hot battura with chana masala to make it even more yummy.